Eintracht Frankfurt - Arsenal Prediction 19.09.19. UEFA Europa League

«Eintracht» made a decent noise last season in the Europa League. He almost reached the final. Many fans remember that in the group they won six matches, although the rivals were very strong - Lazio, Marseille. And the forces were not enough to have a good ending in Bundesliga. So they would be inthe Champions League.

But now there are many changes at «Eintracht». Rebic, Jovic and Aller left the club. There was a great attacking trio, they scored 50 goals in three tournaments. But now everything is different. And «Eintracht» is not so dangerous. But their coach think well. It seems to me that soon «Eintracht» will again show interesting football.

Well, «Arsenal» still «Arsenal». Winning 2-0 in the last round of the championship, and failed to keep the score. There is still a roll to the attack, there is nothing good in defense; David Louis is not a very good assistant here.

I think «Arsenal» will provoke a fun game, and «Eintracht» will gladly support it.

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Eintracht Frankfurt - Arsenal
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