Milan - Inter Milan Prediction 21.09.19. Serie A

The famous Milan derby. Inter, of course, hopes to continue the winning streak that they has at the start of the championship: three victories in a row. Of course, let’s not forget about the 1-1 draw in the Champions League match against Slavia, it’s rather unexpected. For me, for example, the game of the Czechs became a revelation.

I admit that Slavia surprised both Inter and Antonio Conte: the team looked very confident in this match. Although “Inter” could have snatched victory there in the 7th compensated minute when Lukaku didn't score, but I note that the “Nerazzurri” recouped quite late.

As for “Milan”, they started the championship not very confidently, such unconvincing victories of the team Marco Giampaolo - this coach is spoken of as a man who professes combinational attacking football. But this is yet to be seen in AC Milan: we remember the defeat at the start of the season in Udine with a score of 0-1, and Krzysztof Pentek is still playing unevenly, apparently the Pole is not in shape, and he does not need help. And he scored his first goal of the season only from the penalty spot in the victory over Verona, over the Serie A newcomer. At the same time, Verona played tenfold.

Inter can be noted and Romelu Lukakг, and Lautaro Martinez, and Stefano Sensi, the team's newcomer, who is in good shape. “Inter” so far looks like a team that is ready to fight for the title, “Milan” can no longer win six derby in a row in Serie A, this is also worth noting. If they won't win the seventh derby, it will be their worst result since 1999.

Derby is not only a battle of skill on both sides and physical costs, but it is also a psychological confrontation. Another fact: over the past 15 years in the derby there were only two goalless results. Therefore, I think that there will be goals in this match, there is no doubt about it, but the odds is extremely small. I would take such a bet: Inter will score first and not lose in the match against their most principled rival.

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