RB Leipzig - Bayern Munich Prediction 14.09.19. Bundesliga

Very interesting match. «Leipzig» became the leader after three rounds in the Bundesliga. Only they didn't lose points. Even «Bayern» have already played a draw once, «Dortmund» lost completely. It will be interesting to see what the current «Leipzig» is capable of against the top team.

If earlier only «Bayern» supplied many players for different teams, now «Leipzig» does it. There are players from the German national team, there are players playing for Austria. Almost the entire basic composition was called up. So the «Leipzig» in terms of preparation will not be easier than the «Bayern».

But here the factor of their field should play. It should help «Leipzig» emotionally. This is a younger team than «Bayern». They often catches courage. And if «Bayern» allows the opponent to catch their wave, then this will not lead to anything good for «Bayern».

I would like the score to be equal in this game as often as possible, but not necessarily 0-0, then no one will close - both teams will try to find chances ahead. Waiting for goals from this match. Both try to play the attack. So at least 4 goals from this match I personally waiting for.

RB Leipzig - Bayern Munich
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