Jokerit - Avangard Prediction 03.09.19. KHL

You can think anything you want, but in my opinion, "Avangard" didn't deserve a win in the opening match of the championship (KHL). Especially a win against current champion. Another thing is that the current champion wasn't in a good condition.

In general, everything is clear: now "Avangard" will no longer be loaded like in their pre-season and they will add from match to match. But will their form will be enought to play against Jokerit? That is an interesting question.

"Jokerit" is not considered as a leader in KHL. They regularly play in the playoffs, but they does not stay there for a long time. It seems that in their first match the Finns will be faster than the guests. “Vanguard” has a worthy answer to this in the form of Fortune, which they showed in the first match. “Vanguard” is frankly lucky, just look at their crossbars, and this in the match of approximately equal rivals.

Nevertheless, in my opinion, we should check their last meetings which shows to us, that in the last 2 home games "Jokerit" outplayed "Avangard". There are, of course, exceptions, but the household advantage can be seen clearly. It seems that game will end in a draw and "Jokerit" will win it in Overtime.

Jokerit - Avangard
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