Lokomotiv - Spartak Prediction 04.09.19. KHL

"Spartak" is one the most interesting teams, because Oleg Znarok and Khariys Vitolins are back to business. Their results aren't good yet - they failed Mayor of Moscow Cup. There was an interesting game versus "Admiral" Vladivostok. "Spartak" came back after 0 - 3, but lost in overtime. Anyway, "Spartak" looks like a raw product and they have a long way to build a good team chemistry. But I'm sure, that this team will be ready for play-offs. It seems to everyone that Znarok is trying to build something similar to the HC MVD - it may work, but so far there is doubt about the strength of each hockey player. When the HC MVD was on the top, we said that there was a team with a lot of qualified players. In my opinion, now in "Spartak" there are not many qualified players.

Therefore, current "Spartak" absolutely can't be compared with Lokomotiv. Da Costa and Lander are a completely different level. Very good young players, Apalkov, who seems to have been playing for a hundred years. "Lokomotiv" have a lot of quality players in the attack, so I have no doubt in the victory of Yaroslavl. Right now "Lokomotiv" is a good formed team, with a good team chemistry, so they'll win it without any problems.

I think that "Lokomotiv" will win with a good individual total.

Lokomotiv - Spartak
Lokomotiv - Spartak
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