Salavat Ufa - Avtomobilist Prediction 12.09.19. KHL

For the hosts this will be the fourth game in the current championship, for the guests it's fifth game.

At the moment, «Avtomobilist» remains the only KHL team that has not yet lost a single point, despite the fact that the Urals have won twice outside of regular time. Honestly, it’s not entirely clear how «Avtomobilist» does it. There is definitely no feeling that this is «Montreal Canadiens», because all the matches ended “from the knife”, three out of four ended with a handicap of 1 goal. There is no feeling, as in the case of «Vityaz», that Yekaterinburg seized God by the beard. Here, rather, the situation is "lucky for the one who is lucky."

By the way, «Salavat Ufa» could well be somewhere nearby and propped up the same «Avtomobilist» in the standings. If, of course, the Ufa team had not gloriously felt in the first match in sunny China, where sometimes it seemed that they were playing hockey for the first time in their life. It seems that after the opening match, Nikolai Tsulygin conducted individual educational work with the whole team immediately, and then everything went along with «Salavat Ufa».

Let's not forget that the hockey season in Ufa is just opening with the reporting match, that is, a holiday, a full stadium, a fireworks, and so on, but, frankly, it is now completely unclear who will benefit from it. In the same way, nothing is clear from the statistics of personal meetings, where there is a microscopic advantage of the Bashkir team due to the first five-year KHL seasons, when «Avtomobilist» basically did not play, but looked for himself and money.

The result is a very stubborn match, a sort of classic match of equal rivals. And 60 minutes of pure time is too little to reveal a winner in it. And beyond that, everything is clear - «Avtomobilist» now plays well in overtime and shoots penalties. That's it, guests will win including overtime.

Salavat Ufa - Avtomobilist
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