Torpedo - Barys Prediction 18.12.19. KHL

The entire history of the relationship between Torpedo and Barys sublimated in last year’s seven-match quarterfinal. Last season, if anyone forgot, Torpedo again became the eastern city in the KHL and again only for one season. So Torpedo and Barys met at the first stage of the Gagarin Cup, and they needed all seven matches.

So, in all those seven matches, the hosts won, and Barys went further because they took a higher place in the regular season, started and ended the series of playoffs at home and spent one more home match. And this, in principle, is the quintessence of the Torpedo-barys confrontation, where there are no simple matches, the plot can be absolutely anything, four goals played out as nothing to do, but for some reason the hosts always win.

No, of course, there are exceptions both in one direction and in the other direction, but where without them. But this is the case when exceptions only emphasize the rule. And in early October, rivals once again confirmed this rule in the capital of fraternal Kazakhstan, where Barys won 2-1.

Now, according to the law of the genre, Torpedo should win. And the law of the genre is such a serious thing that it makes no sense to watch how on the whole the rivals are on the table, who has what and how it turns out. Well, yes, Barys has recently pushed, won five of the last six matches. Torpedo, on the contrary, dangled like a flower in the hole, losing five of the last six matches. But all of this does not play any role. The law of the genre requires that Torpedo win win in one goal gap, and in main time or outside it - decide for yourself.

Torpedo - Barys
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